(Web Based Light Switch)

Penulis : Wibowo Harry Sugiharto , Susanto , Atmoko Nugroho

TransIT ISSN 2302-0709 Vol. 1 No. 2 | Halaman 178 - 186



Advance Information technology push the existing technology to make easier everyday life. One of them is to use the internet that now can facilitate a variety of daily needs. It can also be used as a switch controller for a light at home or office. So user can control a light switch from the far location, as long connects to a network with the that place. The system is built with system prototyping development methods. Prototyping is iterative approach in system development. Programming language used is PHP and C + +, MySQL to manage database, and the electronic switch using a DB25 parallel port combined to the relay module.

keywords : Switch Light , PHP, C++, MySQL, Relay Module, Parallel Port

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